Arnold Elektronik GmbH (formerly Arthur Arzt KG) is a family-run enterprise established back in 1932.

We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and testing inductive components.

Qualified labour and advanced production and measuring systems are the foundation for a flexible, high-quality and on-schedule production.

Our range of coils, transformers, chokes and transmitters transmitters includes the ETD, EE, EI, EFD, EP, ER, SMD, RM, P, PM and EQ series.

Our range also includes toroidal core windings, foil windings, baked varnish coils, air-cored coils, sheet-metal transformers, sheet-metal chokes and others as desired by the customer.

In addition, we also produce your cable sets and cables. The fully automatic machining of single cores is no problem.

Other specialties of ours are:

  • Assembling a broad range of modules
  • Manual coating of circuit boards
  • Potting of components
inductive componets
cable assembly
module assembly