Cables and Cable Systems


We fabricate cables and cable systems according to your list of parts and drawings on an advanced automatic machining centre.

Single cores
We manufacture single cores, e.g. for switchgear cabinets, on advanced machining centres. This includes the automatic stripping of wire ends, application of wire end ferrules and imprinting of single cores according to customer’s request.

Cable harnesses
Manufacturing cable harnesses on a dummy assembly board for immediate installation in the switchgear cabinet.

Assembly of cables and cable sets
Besides the simple cabling of different components we pot and glue cable harnesses using different materials such as Wepuran, Delo, DuoPox, Silicone and Loctite.

We also provide cable sets tailored to the needs of the customer. Composition of cables and components in sets are ready for immediate installation.

Fully automatic cable assambly machine

With our KOMAX we can fulfill you wishes all around cables. Cutting single wires, with crimping and printing – all from one source. We can also offer multi-core cables, wiring harnesses or special cables. We look forward to your inquiry.